Nyheder fra Forvo, udtaleleksikonet

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Et udvalg af den respons vi finder om projektet. Har du læst noget interessant? Fortæl os om det.


"Forvo has a simple aim, but it's a great idea for harnessing a bit of social web power."


"participants, given a well-developed toolset, can be very prolific in tasks which require little time or effort"

Red Ferret Journal

"Overall this is a fabulous site, which is excellently designed, clear and easy to use. The fact that it offers such a useful service as well makes it one of those ‘best of the web’ places that you hope will grow to majestic proportions."


"Forvo is a fantastic crowdsourced language site where users submit, rate and share audio clips in order to practice proper language pronunciation. One great feature is that audio files are mapped according to the speaker's region. This means you won't make the mistake of speaking le français du Québec to Parisians."

La Vanguardia

Forvo in Mozilla Drumbeat Festival (min. 1:30)


"The site should become an online database of all the world’s words and the correct way of saying them."


"henüz yeni bir site olduğundan kelimeler biraz az ama hızlı büyüyecek gibi görünüyor."


"Forvo è di semplice ed intuitivo utilizzo e rappresenta, a mio parere, una risorsa straordinaria, che spero abbia grande seguito."


"Forvo opettaa lausumaan vieraita kieliä. Forvo auttaa, jos pitää puhua Ioan Gruffuddista tai Grenzwertbetrachtungista."

TV3 Appearing on Catalonian Television (min. 0:40)

Lemontv.tv A few comments about Forvo in a videopost (min. 3:20)

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